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Your child’s chronic cough may be a symptom of an underlying lung condition. At South Counties Pediatric Critical Care Medical Group in Fountain Valley, California, serving both Los Angeles and Orange counties, the team includes physicians who specialize in pediatric pulmonary medicine. These pediatric specialists perform flexible bronchoscopy procedures to evaluate your child’s lungs and confirm or rule out a lung condition. To schedule an appointment to learn more about the flexible bronchoscopy, call the office today.

Flexible Bronchoscopy Q & A

What is a flexible bronchoscopy?

A flexible bronchoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that evaluates the lungs. During a bronchoscopy, the pediatric specialist inserts a thin, flexible tube equipped with a camera, referred to as a bronchoscope, through your child's nose or mouth and down to the lungs. The bronchoscope sends real-time images to a computer monitor that allows your pediatric specialist to closely examine your child’s lungs.

During the flexible bronchoscopy, the pediatric specialist may also insert surgical tubes through the bronchoscope to get samples of tissue or mucus or remove foreign objects. 

Why would my child need a flexible bronchoscopy?

Your child may need a flexible bronchoscopy if there are concerns about lung health because of a chronic cough or an abnormal chest X-ray. During a flexible bronchoscopy, their critical care pediatric specialist may:

  • Diagnose a lung problem or infection
  • Remove mucus or foreign object that’s obstructing the airway
  • Take a tissue sample
  • Take a sample of mucus
  • Place a stent to keep the airway open
  • Treat a lung problem, such as a collapsed lung or abnormal airway narrowing

The critical care pediatric specialists at South Counties Pediatric Critical Care Medical Group determine whether your child needs a flexible bronchoscopy and outline the details of the procedure. 

What happens during a flexible bronchoscopy?

The team performs your child’s flexible bronchoscopy in a hospital procedure room under intravenous sedation. You can expect the entire process to take about four hours. However, the flexible bronchoscopy itself usually takes an hour or less.

Before the procedure, the team attaches special devices to your child so that they can monitor oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. The pediatric specialist then administers the sedative and applies a numbing agent to the back of your child’s mouth and then starts the procedure.

After the flexible bronchoscopy, the team at South Counties Pediatric Critical Care Medical Group carefully monitors your child in the recovery room. The team requests no eating or drinking until the numbing medication has worn off, which can take several hours. 

The pediatric pulmonary specialist reviews the results of your child’s flexible bronchoscopy and provides recommendations for treatment.

For more information about the flexible bronchoscopy, call South Counties Pediatric Critical Care Medical Group today.

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